After long years they finally have it….. untold pirate riches are within their grasp. But finding the map is just the start….. adventure, excitement and danger beckon as Alvez and the boy, Pukunati, must use bravery, wits and cunning as they journey the Southern Seas in the hunt for Booth’s fabled treasure….. but all is not always as it seems…..

‘What is going on? Why are we following these men?’

‘I did not feel like we had a choice in the matter.’

‘Are we their prisoners?’

‘I do not believe so.’

‘Then why don’t we just turn around and walk the other way?’

‘They might be able to help us in some way, in our search.’

‘Or they might just want to eat us.’

‘What is this sudden obsession with cannibals? Not every remote tribe we encounter wants to eat you you know.’

‘The last one did.’